When do you know that you have moved on? When do you know that you are okay? That you are over it?

Am I over it? Have I moved on? Or am I just pre-occupied with something new?

I guess it just happens and you never really know when or how until one day you you just realize that you haven’t thought about it in awhile. And then you know that it doesn’t matter, and you have moved on.

I would like to say I have moved on and I am over it. But it hasn’t been that long and I just can’t imagine that I could pull the break like that. But then… I have been doing alot of thinking lately. And I have realized how bad the situation was. And how unhappy I was. I feel like I am free and I can do whatever I want. But does that mean that I am over him?

I’ve kissed someone else. Two someone elses. (I’m not a hoe, really!) It was nice. James was a shock. Dave was sweet. It was freedom. I did not think about Jason. So… what does that mean?

Am I ready to move on? Should I continue this? Should I try forming a relationship with someone new? Should I even be thinking about this?

I don’t want to rush into something that may be great, but turns sour because I am not ready. Do I need to be alone? I was single for 3 and a half years. I really enjoyed it. Is that what I need? To ‘find’ myself?

How do I know? When will I know? Life is just happening. It is odd.