10 Favorites
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite color: red (but this changes depending on life)
Favorite time: Summer evenings, just before sunset
Favorite food: vegetables, salad
Favorite drink: Americano from Pete’s
Favorite ice cream: peppermint
Favorite place: the gym
Favorite sport: My frist true love was and always will be gymnastics, but I have fallen pretty deeply for triathlon
Favorite actor: Tom Hanks
Favorite actress: Sandra Bullock

9 Currents
Current feeling: Tired and achy
Current drink: water
Current time: 8:56am
Current show on TV: no tv
Current mobile used: nothing.
Current windows open: wordpress
Current underwear: none – bike shorts
Current clothes: bike shorts, tank, sweatshirt
Current thought: i have so much to do today

8 Firsts
First nickname: Baby Eagoo
First kiss: James, my friend’s older brother. I tackled him and kissed him in third grade. But then not another ‘real’ kiss until 9th grade
First crush: James. The above mentioned tackle kiss
First best friend: Aubrey Wallman
First vehicle I drove: My mom’s chevy malibu when I was 10 or 11
First job: Chuck E. Cheese. I was Chuck E
First date: I can’t remember. Probably a school dance in 9th grade.
First pet: OJ, an orange cat I would carry around by the neck

7 Lasts
Last drink: water
Last kiss: Last night. A first kiss from James. 😉
Last meal: Protien bar
Last website visited: Live Journal
Last movie watched: Step Up (With James and his 13 year old daughter and her friend)
Last phone call: James (details for the movie)
Last TV Show watched: Survivor (for the first time ever)

6 Have you evers
Have you ever broken the law: Yes, I’m sure in my car all the time
Have you ever been drunk: yep
Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know: No. i don’t think so
Have you ever been close to gun fire: Yes. My brothers used to shoot birds in our backyard
Have you ever skinny dipped: yes. wonderful!
Have you ever broken anyones heart: yes

5 Things
5 things you can hear right now: aerobics music, the radio, weights, computer buzzing, people talking
5 things on your bed: sheets, comforter, pillows, throw blanket, the cutest kitten ever
5 things you ate today: protien bar, water, power gel
5 things you can’t live without: water, friends, my bike, my running shoes, my goggles
5 things you do when you get bored: internet, eat, sleep, call people, crosswords

4 Places you have been today
the gym, that’s it

3 Things on your desk right now
well, it’s not really my desk, but things that are mine…
cell phone
hear rate monitor
water bottle

2 Choices
Black or White: black
Hot or Cold: hot

1 Place you want to visit