So I made this deal with a friend that I would not call J for an entire week. Well it will turn out to be more than a week, but I figure after a week I will be used to him not being in my life. For every three days that I don’t call him, CLO is going to give me a present! Yeah! She’s like my ‘Jason Patch’. I don’t really need him. And I don’t really need to talk to him. I am just used to him being there. So I call out of habit. I call because it feels weird not to call. Even though I have nothing to say.

So today is day 2. I haven’t talked to him since 9ish on Tuesday night. But that was in person. I guess it counts still, but… I didn’t call him.

You know in the movies, they show the girl calling, and calling, and calling. (I’m not that bad!) but why do women call? Why do we put ourselves in that position? Why do we make the guy think we can’t live without him when we know it’s not true? Why do we have such a hard time letting go? Eh, I don’t know. I guess that’s why I have friends that make present yielding deals. 🙂