Some people are so inconsiderate of anyone else. Those people are the most difficult to get along with. I try, but I can only give so much before I just can’t take it anymore. I am here, I have a life, a personal agenda. My schedule does not revolve around yours. Why can’t you see past yourself?

I am trying to be friendly. I am trying to not be moody and bitchy. But sometimes I have just had enough. J owed me some money for tickets I had bought for him. I called earlier in the day to see about setting something up to meet, but we had both been out riding (not together) and were tired. I wanted to take a nap, and I’m sure he fell asleep in front of the TV as always. So… I told him to give me a call when he woke up. 3 hours later, I had not heard from him. It was dinner time by now. I called him up, he though hemight go have dinner with a friend and said if he did he could drop by on his way. If not, I could come over to get the money. He said he needed to call his friend and see what was going on. Over an hour later he had not called back. I call him again. Hello? What’s going on? Oh, I’m on my way to meet with Chris, I’ll stop by when I am done (It is now about 8:30). Well… do you have any idea when that would be? No (with attittude). He always hates when I ask for an ETA or try to plan anything. He wants to be in control of every situation, ALWAYS.

Well, I was hoping you could stop by on your way, so that I could go do some stuff and not have to just hang out. Besides I know that when he goes out with Chris he won’t be getting home until late. I wanted to be in bed by 9! I had attitude. I admit it. I was a moody bitch. But who wouldn’t be. I have had enough of his disregard for me, my thoughts, plans, feelings, everything. Even if I didn’t have any plans… he is just rude and incosiderate to think I would just wait until ‘he’ was ready to stop by. Aaargh!

In the end, he stopped by before he went to meet Chris, but he wasn’t happy about it. AND he had his son with him who just looks at me like a sad pitiful idiot and won’t talk to me. We used to write e-mails and chat on myspace. Now he won’t respond to my e-mails. I know Jason is telling him all sorts of crap about me. It pisses me off that he won’t know what an asshole his dad is and that he won’t know how to treat a woman. Jason really is not a good role model in that respect. I am so angry about that. Errr! I just don’t have the words.